About Me

Welcome to the Eloise Diaries!

This blog was created in 2011 just as fashion and interior design blogs started to take hold, reshaping what we bought and catapulting bloggers into celeb status. I created my own site to serve as a creative outlet and general reflection of my every day life and wares in New York City. There was not a lot of complexity to the stories at the outset, but having been to Parsons School of Design following my Journalism degree from W&L, I was creatively frustrated in my day job in Human Resources.

Fast forward to September 6, 2012 when my darling daughter Landon was born. The blog seemed juvenile, trivial, and my purpose and perspective had fundamentally shifted. From my first post as a mother, I knew this would become another kind of outlet, a vehicle for our authentic life and venue for showcasing what it really means to parent a child with unique needs and differences.

While the stories and experiences will still primarily focus on mothering sweet Landon, and championing her and her syndrome, I share a lot of myself here. I share what living a life of co-parenting on two fronts looks and feels like as well as how to navigate the world of step-parenting. On these pages, I seek to be a shameless truth teller, while also maintaining what I feel is the right boundary for our children and co-parents themselves.

Welcome. I hope you stay a while.