Landon Glover Southard was born September 6, 2012 in the wee hours of the morning.  She is everything people say your baby will become… my light, my joy, my everything.

After a pretty scary delivery (see Start Here), I began my journey as the mother of a baby girl that includes facing a rare syndrome. She was diagnosed with Treacher Collins Syndrome within hours of being born. TCS is a genetic craniofacial syndrome that amongst other things, caused bilateral Microtia Atresia. Landon very proudly wears two Cochlear Bahas (bone anchored hearing aids).

She has grown into a hilarious toddler who is obsessed with trains, cars, trucks, dinosaurs and applesauce. This little tomboy is equal parts sugar and spice with some killer high knees dance moves.

Throughout the blog, I’ll share our experiences with specialists, surgeries, therapies and how this child opens hearts, changes minds, and challenges me in the best possible ways.